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Out of Stock:

Trust – Eyeshadow

Pup – Eyeshadow

Crush – Eyeshadow

Valencia – Eyeshadow

Sabrina – Eyeshadow

Amethyst – Eyeshadow

Bend and Snap – Eyeshadow

Stardust- Eyeshadow

Zion- Eyeshadow

Rome- Eyeshadows

Bright Eyes- Eyeshadow

Gilded- Eyeshadow

On Wednesdays- Eyeshadows

Lullaby- Eyeshadow

Cupcake- Eyeshadow

Coco- Eyeshadow

Oak- Eyeshadow

Stay Golden- Eyeshadow

Emerald City- Eyeshadow

Kin- Eyeshadow

Cole- Eyeshadow

Mi Hija- Eyeshadow

Mama- Eyeshadow

Finn- Eyeshadow

Midnight- Eyeshadow

Basic- Eyeshadow

Sel De Mer Quad – Compact

Santorini Quad – Compact

La Jolla Quad – Compact

Dream Illuminator


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Sabrina- Eyeshadow

Trust- Eyeshadow

New formula Eyeshadows