Honor Roll

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Harmony Beus
Savanah Poulsen
Jocelyn McClellan
Kat Fairchild
Amanda Miller
Elizabeth Credno
Julie Smith
Melanie Astill
Mayra Lopez
Kelly Snider

Congratulations on consistency!

Congratulations to the 90 artists who have achieved $1000 or more in sales for the past six months (August – January)! We drew three names from this list and awarded them $100 for their consistency and killing it from month to month.
Jenna Kuzawski 
Stephanie Moore 
Tiffany Gunderson


Congratulations to the 146 artists who achieved the rank of Elite HACer for the first this month!
Congratulations to the 21 artists who achieved the rank of Top HACer for the first this month!
Artist Ambassadors
Ashley Nolan
Haley Cluff
Patty Ann Ford
Melanie Lopez
Julia Brown
Elizabeth Credno
Brigette Eskew
Elite Ambassador
Molly Goodman
Top Ambassador
Tammy Williams
Heather Burge


Harmony Beus
Kat Fairchild
Savanah Poulsen
Jocelyn McClellan
Kelly Snider
Jessica Wilson
Kaitlyn Proefrock
Julie Smith
Melanie Astill
Kristyn Cole
Kelsey Ensign
Bountiful, Utah
Eliter HAC-er

Our “More Than Makeup” moment this month comes from Kelsey Ensign out of Bountiful, Utah. In February of last year, Kelsey became an artist. As a new college graduate, retired athlete and new mom, she was adjusting to life at a slower pace and struggling to see success in her days. She felt like something was missing, but wasn’t quite sure what that “something” was.

While scrolling through Instagram, Kelsey saw a challenge posted by her friend to take 10 minutes out of her day, every day for a week, to make an effort to get ready. She didn’t really see the point, but did it for a few days anyway and discovered that it felt good! Kelsey had more confidence and was able to get more done. Her friend was a Maskcara Beauty artist, and after that experience Kelsey made the decision to join the team.

“I needed something for myself. A little getaway from thinking about diapers and milk all day.” Kelsey said about her experience becoming an Artist this year. “Something I could push myself and see success in. Having this side hustle and community has been amazing. I have definitely learned to get out of my comfort zone, faaar out of it. I’ve grown in more ways than I thought possible, just from makeup. But for me it is so much more than makeup!”

Spanish Fork, Utah
Top HAC-er

Kelly Snider is the model example of hard work and consistency. She has achieved over $5000 in sales for the past six months+ and was one of the top 10 qualifiers on Honeymoon! Based out of Spanish Fork, Utah Kelly she is on a personal mission to help encourage women to reach their full potential, find joy in the things they love, embrace their “ANDS”, and help them discover just how beautiful they truly are.

“Whether you recognize it right now or not, you ARE beautiful. And powerful. And extraordinary. And loved. You are nothing short of amazing!”

Kelly is living proof that having brains and beauty is an option for all women. Not only is she a top seller from month to month, she practices family law attorney, court certified mediator, business owner, and is mother to five of the greatest little humans.  Kelly says about herself, “I don’t step into the mold – I shatter it! And you can too.”

Despite loving her life in Utah, Kelly says her heart longs to be back in California, where she lived for a couple of years while she was attending law school. Kelly also says she misses the beach, living 15 minutes from Disneyland, and never having to worry about driving in the snow. Kelly is married to her soul mate and best friend, who also happens to be her polar opposite. Kelly, who has chocolate running through her veins, says about her husband “I mean, he’d rather eat a hotdog than Cadbury mini eggs… is he even human?!” Her “love language” is food and is adamant that the sweeter and richer the food is, the deeper the love. 

Along with her passion for being Maskcara Beauty Artist, Kelly loves to celebrate. “Holidays, birthdays, Tuesdays… you name it! If I can make a party out of it, you better believe I’ll be throwing the confetti around!” Kelly says.  She loves to sing, and was pretty confident she was going to be the next big popstar when she was growing up. There is still time for that, right?! Lastly, Kelly dips her Oreos in water. What?!! She doesn’t bother actually pouring the water in a glass. She says she’s too lazy for that. Rather, she just sticks it straight under the tap. 

We are thrilled Kelly is a part of our tribe and showing everyone how it’s done. Except for maybe the Oreos. 😉


*This map is current as of February 2019