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CC Declining: 

We have seen some credit cards not processing due to the billing address not matching up.  We were able to pinpoint and resolve this issue! If all of the billing information is correct, credit cards will process without any problems.


Adding the promotional compact option to party orders is a top priority for us right now!  We will update you as soon as that feature is live!  Please do not process an order without adding the compact first.


Commissions are functioning and will still process properly, but are not viewable through your back office yet. We are on it!  In the meantime, if you need to see your previous information from your back office you can log in here:

(Please note that this is only a way to view the information; it is not a functional tool anymore)


$5 off HAC brush: 

This is currently not available, but we will notify you as soon as it is again!

Training Videos:

Looking for some assistance navigating the new site? We’ve got you covered! Check out the “Website Training” on the Training Tab here in HQ! More videos are coming soon!

Mobile Access:

This is currently under construction- we recommend using a computer to access the site for now!

Pre-built Palette Option: 

This beloved feature will be available again soon!

Back Office:

The new back office is getting a major makeover. As soon as it’s updated, you’ll be able to see orders, commission, and an improved visual of your downline (it will be so worth the wait!)


Find an Artist Near You Feature:

This is another part of the site we are focusing on getting up and running for you!

Reset Login:

We aren’t the only ones who forget passwords, right? This important feature is on its way!