The Universal Comp Plan has gone into effect as of March 10th, 2019

Please note: 

CV is the global commission value of an item and will be used to determine active status and /or rank and upline commissions.  

Artist in Training Bonus: You will receive an extra 10% on the first 800 CV from sales achieved by your level 1 enrollee.


Is the website the same for Canada and US?
Yes, based on your geographical location it will default to the correct country.
There will also be a dropdown menu in the top right corner to select your country if needed.

Can a customer from Canada order from an artist in the US and vice versa?
Yes, cross-border customers are allowed.
If you are a customer from Canada and ordering from a US artist, you would then make sure you are on that US artist’s page, but have the Canadian flag up in the corner. Vice versa if you’re a US Customer ordering under a Canadian Artist.

Can a US artist sign up a Canadian artist under them and vice versa?
Yes, the process for signing up artists will remain the same no matter the originating country of the signee and sponsor.

Will the Ask Customer Service email be the same for Canadian artists and customers?
Yes! Please use the contact form on the website to contact ASK for any questions or concerns.

Will Party Rewards remain the same for Canadian Artists?
Rewards will be adjusted to match the exchange rate.

What is the monthly back-office fee?


Will all Maskcara Beauty products be available in Canada?
The Artist Pro Kit, a few compact colors and Stay spray with SPF will not be available.

Why is Stay with SPF not available in Canada? 
The difference in regulations for SPF products creates a longer timeline for making this available.


What kits will be available to Canadian Artists?
Only the Basic Kit will be offered at this time. Unfortunately we can’t provide a larger kit due to Canadian regulations.

What will be the cost?


Do we have a shipping facility for Canada?

What is the shipping cost on regular orders?

What is the shipping cost of a Basic Kit?

Why is there a shipping charge in Canada and not the US?
Canadian shipping charges are simply higher. To arrive at the $3.95 shipping rate, it has been heavily subsidized by Maskcara in an attempt support the field with an easy, low cost option in Canada similar to the US.

What purchase amount qualifies for free shipping? 


Will returns and exchanges be the same as they are in the US?
Yes, the same 30 day return policy will apply. The only difference will be the address the returns are sent to. Artists and customers will be responsible for return shipping costs.


How will Canadian Artists be paid?
Through Paylutions


Canadian Artists will need a special license to do direct sales in Canada. Canadian Artists will need to pay for this license themselves. More information on the Canada Direct Sellers License will be coming soon.

Due to regulations, Maskcara Beauty is not able to support artists in Quebec at this time.

Canadian Law requires a Direct Sellers License to sell in certain Canadian provinces. Learn how to apply for a Direct Seller License here.