Canada Pre-Launch Announced

Canada Pre-Launch Announced for March 25th!

We are thrilled to announce Maskcara beauty will be pre-launching Canada on March 25th! We encourage all artists to look over the Canada FAQ on Maskcara HQ to familiarize themselves with the information regarding the pre-launch. We will be announcing the pre-launch date to our customers late March, but artists are welcome to build the excitement on their own social media accounts.

All Canadian orders placed on Monday, March 25th will receive a free Desert Sunset lip and cheek!

A Universal Compensation Plan will go into effect on March 10th in Preparation for the Canada Launch. 

Reign – 2nd Annual Artist Convention

Our 2019 Artist Convention in Las Vegas Thursday, August 15th – Saturday, August 17th will bring Artists together to learn from, motivate, and encourage each other. This year’s theme of Reign was inspired by our goal to be a positive and influential force in the world. We reign over our own destinies and we love the sense of empowerment that comes from owning our attitudes and our choices. Plus, we just can’t resist an opportunity to put on a crown.  Registration is now OPEN! Purchase your tickets and see all the event details by scrolling over the REIGN tab on our Maskcara Events page. 
Early Bird Registration is $199 + 5 raffle tickets and ends March 31, 2019!

We can’t wait to see you and your teams there!

Shipping Update

Thank you for patience with our warehouse as orders have been a little delayed due to the high volume of orders coming in daily. Our warehouse has increased the production level to keep up with our ever growing company. Shipping will be back to lightning fast very quickly!

Recognition Webinar

Congratulations to all of our amazing artists who ranked up, reached a sales goal, or made a difference in someone’s life this month! Keep up the great work! See those who were recognized on Cara’s webinar last night on Honor Roll on Maskcara HQ. 

Maskcara More Than Makeup

This year we are focusing on the fact that Maskcara is More Than Makeup! The artist program is an opportunity for women to connect, lift, and support each other and themselves. 

At Maskcara Beauty, we truly do believe that we can have our cake and eat it too. But what does that really mean? It means you don’t have to choose between financially supporting your family and spending time with them. It means you don’t have to choose between helping yourself or helping others. With a little creativity, optimism, and hard work, you can have it all. And belonging to our community of Artists who lift and support each other- well, that’s just the icing on the cake.

After all, looking beautiful is nice, but feeling beautiful is life-changing.

And we are in the business of changing lives.

We are Maskcara Beauty-

And we are more than makeup. 

Remember to use #maskcaramtm when posting about your More Than Makeup Moments. We love hearing what Maskcara means to you!