7/18/18 Newsletter

School is out for the summer, but don’t forget to check Honor Roll!

Important Information About Dream!!

Hey Dream girls, don’t forget the last day to transfer your tickets to another Artist is July 22. That is four days from today so make sure to get any last minute requests to our Ask team: Ask@MaskcaraBeauty.com.

If you purchased a ticket but will not be able to attend, we are offering two ways to get your Swag Bag:

  1. You can have another Artist pick up your Swag Bag at Dream. The only way another Artist can pick up your Swag Bag is if you give them your registered QR code.. Unfortunately, if the Artist does not have a QR code we will not be able to give them your Swag Bag.
  2. We can ship your Swag Bag to you after Dream. The Artist will be responsible for the cost of shipping; we will provide instructions on how to go about requesting your bag be mailed to you after Dream.

ALL Artists, attending or not, who purchased a Dream ticket will need to fill out the registration email. You will NEED your QR code upon arriving to Dream. You will NEED your QR code to receive your Swag Bag. YOU NEED A QR CODE!! So please make sure you fill out those registration emails to facilitate having the best experience possible!

Finally, if you have any special needs or request- seating arrangements, interpreters, dietary needs, etc. Please follow this link and fill out the form so we can accommodate you.


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