6/21/18 Newsletter


We’ve updated Honor Roll on HQ so be sure to congratulate these girls! 

Why we’re so committed to get YOU to dream.

We invest in Dream financially and emotionally. We don’t make money; we spend money and we pour our hearts into the event for so many reasons.

  1. We LOVE that we get to do so much of our business online; we love our corner of the internet and getting to know each other there, however, there is something unique about meeting fellow artists in person.
  2. The energy of the sisterhood makes us feel so special. It reminds us of why we love this company and our mission. We want you to experience the same feeling!! We’re all working towards the same goal and when we are gathered together our unity is powerful! So, come meet the sisterhood in person!
  3. Dream will be educational and inspirational for every aspect of your life. Your relationships, financial situation, your confidence. Investing in you is one of our highest priorities and Dream is one of our biggest investments!

If you’re still on the fence about attending DREAM, these ladies had some awesome experiences to share from last years event and advice on why attending events is SO important:

Kami Watson & Whitney Gailey

What was the most beneficial thing you learned at Shine and how have you applied it in your life/business?

Kami: “I came home with so much knowledge of the product and the business…All the different ideas from all the artists I talked to, the speakers, and knowing more about the business I just came home full. I came home full.”

Cara: What are you most looking forward to at Dream?

Whitney: “We made new real friendships with people we’ve never met otherwise. You’re going to meet people and they’re going to be your real life friends. Everyone is so nice!!”

Louisa Griffith

Cara: As a provider and full time mom, it’s probably a big sacrifice for you to come to an event like this, so why do you do it anyway?

Louisa: “There’s one thing you can do to invest in your success and that’s to go to events. If you want to be successful- it’s the best investment you can make! Every choice that we’re making we’re making exchanges and it’s an investment in your self care. Sometimes we’re exchanging time and that’s something you can never get back so make sure you invest it in important things.”

Sara Davies

Cara: You have a strong belief that events are where leaders are born- take it from there!

Sara: “The big corporate event is the most important event of any event you can attend in your business. It’s a chance to come together, to see each other, to hug each other. The whole greater purpose of this business is to build people. Events allow you to catch a whole new belief/vision for you and your business. The transformations that events allow make your business go from your head to your heart.” “A big event fills up your Maskcara gas tank. Statistically you’ll run out of gas if you don’t go!”

Amy Twitty

Cara: What are you most looking forward to Dream?

Amy: “Really taking the information and content presenting and applying it the rest of the year! Everyone feels different emotions leading up to it. If you’re feeling like you’re going to be alone, don’t let fear hold you back from this. Give yourself permission to go and succeed and learn from this. I love seeing women giving themselves permission to go an have fun and to be successful.”

Sign ups for classes at Dream will be opening in the near future. As always, be sure to check the App, your email, and HQ frequently for updates.

If you’re ready to commit to investing in yourself and join is at Dream, snag your ticket HERE before they sell out!

We can’t wait to meet you there!!


Hostess credit can now be applied to the whole order including 50% of items!!!

We’re SO happy to have this feature live on the site and coupon codes are next on the list! We appreciate your patience as we work out solutions improve the website functionality.

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The Honeymoon phase is certainly not over, in fact, it’s just getting started! We hope you’re using your goal tracker to help you determine how many points you have; we’ve included some numbers from the current leaderboard to give you an idea of where you stand.

Top leader points for the month of May: 8704 points

Average points for Artists #45-55: 2976 points

Points for Artist #55: 2522


Sweet Dreams, Gorgeous!