6/14/18 Newsletter: The Moment You’ve Waited for

It’s All Fun and Games!!

Did you get a chance to see this week’s webinar?! We had so much fun (despite some technical difficulties) playing a trivia game with the Artists that tuned in! Sarah Davies, Kami Davenport, Lindsey Perez, Brittany Lawrence, and Heather Carney Burge all joined Bre to share their experience, knowledge, and tips on everything from attending Launch last year to their favorite Maskcara products.

Sarah suggested spreading awareness of our foster NPO, Love Never Wasted, by going Live on FB and asking followers to tag friends that are related to the cause in ANY way. Mention that 100% of the profits from Stay Golden and Mi Hija are donated to the NPO. Follow up with the individuals that are tagged in the video to provide more information on the cause and share Maskcara’s Mission.

Kami has been with Maskcara for a little over a year and shared about her time at Launch. She says that the event was a great way to have fun with her team, learn more about the background of the business, and indulge in a girl’s getaway trip. Sounds a lot like Dream, which will have all of this and SO MUCH MORE!!

Lindsey showed the Multitasker some love and declared it her favorite brush! (We love it too, Lindsey).

 Heather gave us some tips on color matching like categorizing into three shades (fair, medium, and dark) and using colors with yellow undertones like Wheat and Sunlit to correct redness.

Brittany introduced us to her little boys, Greyson and Landon; we are obsessed with how cute they are!! Brittany says her boys are very much a part of her family business which is what Maskcara is all about.


Turn Your DREAMS Into a Reality!

If you haven’t gotten your ticket for DREAM yet, there’s still time to purchase them! And there’s so many reasons you NEED to be there!! We’re announcing SO many new products, you’ll have a great opportunity to bond with your Maskcara sisters like never before and we’ll make memories that will last a lifetime! Not only will we be having tons of FUN, you’ll be apart of numerous trainings to develop your skills and strengthen your team (and YES, Cara will be teaching MULTIPLE classes!!). We will also be launching our NPO and debuting our short foster film, Love Never Wasted, on Thursday night to get everything started. Qualifying artists will be invited to join us in this event and, GOOD NEWS, you still have a chance to qualify!! For a complete reminder of the rules, visit our DREAM page. To give you an idea of what the numbers are currently for the Top 30, here are the numbers from May:

-Average sales for Top 30 in May was 9.2 K

-Top sellers 25-29 hit 3.3K – 3.6K

-Top seller 30 hit 3.3K


Are you checking your notifications in the App to get your daily challenge? These challenges aren’t just ideas to build your business; they focus on personal growth and getting outside of your comfort zone each day!! We love seeing all of your posts on Insta so don’t forget to use the hashtag #Maskcara125 so your sisters can see your progress! Check out these beauties and what they’ve been up to:


@kelseymaskcarabeauty: Maskcara’s Day 14 challenge: “Go outside and sit in the sun!”


@mandysims: Not that I needed a reminder to be thankful for my blessings, but I was challenged to post three of the things I’m most grateful for and I couldn’t think of a better summation. My husband likes to say, “If you have your health, you have it all.” I truly couldn’t be more thankful for three healthy children, and to be healthy enough myself to enjoy them every day. What are you most grateful for? I’d love to hear!


@jlbeauty1219: Happy Makeover Monday! I had the pleasure of giving @jazdale80 a makeup lesson and makeover yesterday. We were classmates in high school and it was so great to catch up and get to know each other again. She has a beautiful smile and a beautiful heart. Se lovers her new look and the glow Maskcara Beauty 3D foundation gives her. She was pleasantly surprised be how fast and easy the makeup is to apply.


@findingbeauty_jamie: Friday challenge. I want you to take 10 minutes sometime today to have some peace and quiet. During your quiet time, I want you to really focus on your breathing. Just relax and breathe in and out. Try to push out all your other thoughts and only think about your breathing. Then come back and tell me if it helped make your day better.


@linzdiddy: Today I’m grateful for these people. For my husband. My daughter. My parents & grandparents. My extended family. Friends. My health. Opportunity. My job. The best coworkers and teammates. Feeling blessed for sure! What are you grateful for today?

Website Reminders:

Please help us spread the word to your customers- ASK will no longer be moving party orders.

You can cancel parties that have no orders in them. No worries- parties will only be canceled if no orders are in them! Click the party, then “edit” and then “cancel party.”


….. let us introduce *some* of our Dream line-up!!!

– We hit the Emcee JACKPOT –

– Our Keynote Speaker is QUEEN –






remainings tickets are going QUICK!