5/2/18 Newsletter

April showers bring May selling powers!

We have officially begun the qualification period for our first ever rewards trip, Honeymoon!! We will be taking 55 artists to The Grand Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico from January 22nd– January 26th 2019 to be a part of an unforgettable experience. Here are a few reminders about how to qualify:

·         Qualification period:  May 1st – September 30th

·         How to qualify: be one of the top 55 point achievers

·         How to earn points: Rank, new artists through training, and sales.

·         Point structure: 200 points per artist through training, 1 point per $1 of personal retail sales, and corresponding points varying based on your rank.

·         To get the entire breakdown of points, details on the three levels of qualifications, and any other answers to your FAQs, visit theHoneymoon webpage.

This is the perfect time to turn up your selling power! If you’ve been keeping up with Cara’s weekly webinars, you know she’s been discussing what this means and how to turn your goals into a reality (like this one OR yesterday’s webinar). If you’re always on the go (like most of us) we’ve got a TON of useful resources on our Maskcara app to help with back office training, weekly newsletters, and much more!

Reach for the moon, honey!

Forget Reading, Writing, and ‘Rithmetic- we’ve got the new R’s that will get you to the top of the class! Our monthly goal tracker outlines five steps to help you as you contact new customers, make sales, sign up new Artists, reactivate former customers and Artists, and generally get busy crushing those goals

1. Reach Out Introduce Maskcara Beauty by offering a makeover! A good makeover has proven to be the secret weapon to top performer success! Ace the color match and the rest is history! Practice makes perfect, so do as many makeovers as you can to hone those skills.

2. Remind Be genuine. Remind them of how they felt after the makeover. Send them a before and after picture to help! Remember something personal about them from their makeover and use that to reach out to them. Provide a suggested order specific to their needs and keep to the basics (HAC).

3. Reconnect Track your customer’s order and follow up with them before they can follow up with you. Review application process- help them feel confident doing their own application. Make the sale/sign up!

4. Recognize Whether it’s a shout out on social media, a hand-written card, or a phone call, everyone likes (and needs) recognition- so give them something they’ll want to share with others! Recognition can also be a responsibility. Have them write up their Maskcara Moment and, with permission, share it! Invite them to your next party as the special guest (give them a ride) and ask them to share their Maskcara Moment. Encourage them to try a new product/host a party/sign up as an Artist.

5. Retain Keep in close, genuine contact after the sale/sign up by commenting on their social media, sending them Maskcara and even personal updates, Introducing them to new products, helping them feel connected to the sisterhood, introducing them to MILK, a new lip + cheek, or a bundle they would love. Keep them interested and invested in you and Maskcara



(^^monthly goal tracker^^)

Beat the Heat! 

Summer is on its way! Lots of sunshine is good for the soul, but not so great for your makeup. Follow these tips during the warm months to keep your favorite products cool as a cucumber:

  • Did you know you can receive text updates on your incoming packages? Follow the tracking link you receive, click “Text & Email Updates,” select what types of updates you’d like to receive, and enter your phone number. A text when your package has been delivered means you can get your makeup out of the heat as soon as possible!
  • If your makeup feels warm or hot to the touch when you open your package, allow the tins to cool on a flat surface before opening!
  • Try not to leave your makeup sitting out in the sun or in a car on a hot day! If it does happen (don’t worry, we’ve been there!) just be sure to allow your palette/tins to cool on a flat surface before opening.

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You’re on your way- so start practicing that moonwalk, gorgeous!