4/11/18 Newsletter

Shoutout to Our New Artists!
If you’re a new artist- welcome to the tribe! We cannot wait to get to know you and hope you will make yourself right at home! If you have any questions, your upline has the answers (and if they don’t they will get them for you!) Our app, Maskcara HQ, and the Dropbox are all resources to help you have all the information and tools you need in order to grow your business. Take some time to get familiar with these resources- they will be your new best friends!

Don’t Forget!
In order to protect sensitive data, we did not migrate credit card information to our new site. Please take a moment to go in your back office to Payment Information and update your card and billing information.   If the credit card information is not updated, your next back office fee will decline. Two missed back office fees results in a suspension of your Artist account- and we want to make sure you maintain uninterrupted access to your back office! Please check in with your teams and remind them to update their payment information ASAP!

Every Story Has a Beginning
“Everything we do and everything we create is based on what we believe…” including naming and packaging products! Every product name has a special story behind it! Many are named after Cara’s kids, nieces and nephews, employees kids, etc. A new eyeshadow will be launching soon named Bird after Cara’s son, Braden! (You’re going to love it!) We’re in the process of putting together a “Where I came from” story for our products so you can love them even more, knowing their individual/collective process from inspiration to innovation! Did you catch the webinar to get a sneak peek at that gorgeous new tin for Amber Highlight? If you missed it, you can watch it here. Join us live every Tuesday night at 8 pm MDT on Facebook for sneak peeks, training, updates, and more!

Knowledge is Power
Curious why our makeup is crème-based? Cara tells you here.

Creative inspiration and innovation is and will always be a defining characteristic of Maskcara- and that includes yours! We love your ideas and highly value them. Some of our best products were born from Artist suggestions! So keep dropping those ideas in webinar comments- it’s our favorite think tank!

Restore Brush Cleaner is returning soon! We are solving the sticky nozzle issue and we’re getting Cotton Candy’s irresistible scent together with Tropical Vanilla’s cleaning properties for a brush cleaning dream team. If you’re using Restore regularly, you don’t need to clean with soap and water!

If you have already purchased Dream tickets and are transferring one or more to other Artists, please review these instructions!


Got Milk?

If not, here’s why you should. Oh here and here too! And if that didn’t convince you, this will. What was that? You don’t have time for three steps? Think again- it’s as easy as uno dos tres! Check it out here.  Still wanting more? You got it!

P.S If you’re going to Dream you will leave as a MILK expert! Got your ticket yet? If not, here’s where you can get one!


No olvides nuestro anuncio sorpresa! APRIL 24th!

*Failed 7th, 8th, and 9th grade Spanish? You’re in bueno company! Don’t worry, we got you!!



Whether you are a brand new artist or a seasoned pro, we love having you as part of our team. Great things are coming!

You’re in the right place, gorgeous!