April 1, 2019 – Newsletter

What Makes Us Us

Our Maskcara Culture

We have a new wave of ladies that have joined our team, so we just wanted to share what we believe and what we do here at Maskcara. Everything we do has a purpose – we don’t do things just for the sake of doing them. This is how we achieve and nurture our Maskcara culture and sisterhood.

We’ll start with a Bachelor reference – each season there’s always a contestant who says “I’m not here to make friends.” This always ends up being a problem for that person. The bachelor or bachelorette sees them as someone who is unable to get along and be friends with the other people on the show – it totally backfires!

Make friends and have a good relationship with everyone you meet. It benefits us as people, it’s fulfilling and it makes YOU feel good. It also makes work fun! Being friends is so important, but part of being friends in this industry is to value that friendship above the business relationship. Maskcara is not a dog eat dog culture. Everyone is on a friendship basis and we treat everyone with respect and fairness. It really does make work a whole lot more fun. Being the big scary boss is not a great way to manage your business. We’re not into it here at Maskcara. Everyone has goals and we’re all on the same team. We love that, here at Maskcara, no one gives you the opportunity. You don’t have to wait for anyone to hire or promote you – you give yourself the opportunity! It’s in your hands. We love that so much and it’s such an exciting feeling. You get to choose when you work and how you spend your time. We’re all in different seasons and we’re all successful.

Generosity always wins

Have a feeling of generosity in everything you do. A “I’m here to help, I want to make people better” attitude. We are all on the same team and we are all here to help each other grow. Abundance mentality is a great place to start – it helps us be generous because we believe there is enough pie for everyone. The more people making a pie means the bigger the pie gets! Be willing to share and help those around you. Negativity always kills creativity. At Maskcara, we get to take something and make it our own, and we can build off of each other’s ideas and success. Generosity breeds focus, positivity, creativity and gratitude. There is nothing we love more than a win-win. Which is what “have your cake and eat it too” is all about.


There’s a difference between hustling and wearing yourself out vs. being consistent and staying on the path to your goal. You can only wear yourself out for so long. It’s not sustainable and it’s very difficult to maintain. Here at Maskcara, we believe that you can have massive success without burning yourself out even once. The biggest secret to Cara’s success has been consistency and not giving up when things are hard. Push through the hard times with consistency, and you will start to see success.

Don’t sell, share

When people feel like you want something so bad that’ll you do anything to get it, it turns into a complete turn off. Be yourself and share something beautiful, and just be there as an ambassador to help a customer feel beautiful. Share and don’t shove, we don’t want to seem pushy – we have an incredible product, company and message. Remember your goal and why you started this.



What is Reign, why it’s important and why you’ve got to be there!

We have one event a year where everyone is invited – we want as many artists there as possible! We do only one event a year because we value your time, your money and everything you have to leave behind to come to these events. It’s so important to come and experience it with your Maskcara family! We started panning Reign in June of last year. Shine was amazing. Dream was even more amazing. Reign is already on the next level! We will have new products that will be for sale — like products you’ve never seen before and we’re not just talking colors (although we will have some of those). We’re talking about products that NO ONE has seen before. They’ll be available at Reign only, then it will be a little while before they are released to everyone.

You’ll also have a connection to your sisterhood. There is nothing in this world that can replace a weekend with your girls. There is a connection you get in person at these events that is irreplaceable – it’s a magical energy and a magical feeling. You’ll find people whom you can connect and learn with. We have Giuliana and Bill Rancic, Josh Shipp, and some education courses from top artists for you to learn from! These talks will make a massive difference in your business and in your lives.

If you are worried about coming alone – put that worry to rest! Post on the Maskcara FB page – we have created a post in our Announcements section that you can comment on if you are looking to be matched up for a roommate at Reign. You will get responses and you will meet awesome people and make lifelong friends.

View the full webinar from the link below:

*LIVE webinars are only available to members of the Maskcara Artist Facebook Group