3/7/18 Newsletter

Website Transtion- Good Things Are Coming!

  • THANK YOU for your patience as we’ve made this huge transition to our new website! We know it has been frustrating to deal with the functionality issues that have come up. With our own tech team working in-house exclusively for us, we have been so excited to see the changes that can be made so much faster than before and the capabilities we have to really make the site work specifically for us!
  • Our major priorities are to get all of the glitches worked out so that every essential function is running smoothly, then we will be working to add each of the features in one by one.
  • We will post all updates about the website on Maskcara HQ, so be sure to check there often!
  • We want to assure you that all orders are being carefully tracked and audited so that we can be certain you will receive all of the commissions you have earned. We know you are eager to be able to have a functioning back office again and we are working hard to make that happen!


A Standing Ovation for our Ask Team!

We also want to give a shout out to our amazing Ask Team, who has been working non-stop to answer the flood of emails coming in! We could not do what we do without their incredible support. Because they are experiencing a much higher volume of emails, we ask that you check Maskcara HQ for answers/updates about the website before you email in. The Ask Team tries to answer all emails from oldest to newest, so just a reminder that if you email in with a new question on the same email thread you have already emailed in on, it will push your email back to the end of the queue and will take a little longer to be answered.

Foster Filming Begins This Weekend

Cara announced on last night’s webinar that filming of the Foster Care Initiative begins this weekend!!! Check out Facebook and Cara’s instagram stories for sneak peaks into that process over the next few weeks.  Fundraising for the film is still going on and we will be kicking that initiative into high gear soon, so stay tuned for more details to come!

New Artist Sign-ups Still Pending

We love how enthusiastic you are about getting sign-ups for new Artists open again! We want to make certain that our website is running smoothly and that you have the time you need to get comfortable navigating the new site before we bring on new team members! We also want to make sure that our site can handle an influx of sign-ups, so we are carefully weighing our options for when and how reintroducing new Artist sign-ups will be most optimal.  As always, we will be sure to keep you in the loop!

Let’s spring forward together, gorgeous!

-The Maskcara Team-