3/14/18 Newsletter

Making Progress!

Did you catch yesterday’s webinar? They are live every Tuesday evening at 8 pm MDT on Facebook, and available to watch anytime here! Cara gave us an update on the website and the progress we have made in resolving issues and adding functionality. We will continue to keep an up-to-date summary of site priorities, fixes, and improvements on our FAQ Post, so be sure to check in there regularly! THANK YOU for your support as we continue to roll forward and make steady progress- the new site abilities will be well worth the short-term bumps along the way!

Qualification Update

Because of your patience with the unexpected website issues, we have decided to change the qualifications for the Dream kickoff special event! Instead of needing to reach/maintain Influencer rank for 3 of the next 5 months, you now only need to reach/maintain Influencer rank for 2 of the 5! You can find more information about the event here.

We’re lucky to have you in our tribe, gorgeous!

-The Maskcara Team-