12/7/18 Newsletter

‘Tis the Season

Cara shares a feel-good Christmas story to set the tone for the season of giving on this weeks webinar. You’re going to want to hear it if you haven’t already, so head over to the Maskcara Facebook Page to catch the replay.

When recently asked what makes Maskcara so special, Cara took some time and counted all the many ways Maskcara is so much more than makeup. Here’s the top few, but you probably already knew:

We care about each other

By now, we hope you’ve heard of the exciting 12 Days of Christmas multi-team event that is going on this month. If you’ve been involved in direct sales before, you know that this idea is not the way others do it. In fact, a little friendly competition here and there is healthy, but we truly believe people succeed in groups. If your Maskcara sister is winning, you’re winning. It just makes sense.

Our artists are so different

Sure, most of us are women, but beyond that we couldn’t be more diverse. We are a group of beautiful women made up of different ages, interests, and stories. The best part is we all appreciate each others differences, and that is the glue the keeps us together.

We always tell the truth

We can only speak for ourselves, but transparency is important to Maskcara. Maybe some other companies have made a quick buck by deceiving their customers or bending the truth, but Maskcara’s focus is on true long term success and longevity, and the only way we know how to do that is to be honest.

We work together to get things perfect

Yes, perfect! We are close knit group in both the artist program and corporate offices. Every single one of Maskcara’s products have had influence from our artists. Our new eyeshadows are a great example of taking a product that is good and making it better because we all worked together to make it happen!

We value balance

We know your time is very valuable, and if you’re anything like us, you wear many hats throughout the day, which is why we try to strategically plan events, new products, and anything that goes on at Maskcara with your time in mind.

We have an incredible product

One of the best things about Maskcara is the product sells itself! How many countless, gorgeous faces have you seen light up when they look in the mirror and see their natural beauty enhanced with Maskcara? Not to mention all the time you can save by ditching the old routine of layers upon layers of makeup. It’s easy to be proud of what you’re sharing with your family and friends when you know they’re going to love it just as much as you do!

We walk the walk and talk the talk

Helping women see their beauty is a pretty life changing win, but when it comes to pouring your heart into something you are passionate about, Maskcara takes it to the next level. Cara and her husband, Nick, have started a non-profit organization, 3D Foundation, to raise awareness and remove the stigmas associated with foster care. In addition, they’ve dedicated 100% of the profits from Mi Hija and Stay Golden to contribute to the cause. As foster parents themselves, Cara and Nick are doing everything they can to make a the world a better place.

Love is Never Wasted

We have an exciting announcement that you don’t want to miss! On December 14th at 7:00PM PST, Love is Never Wasted will officially be released for the whole world to see! The short film will be available whenever you are able to view or share it, but we’re hoping you will join us and tune in on the 14th at LoveisNeverWasted.com

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

We’ve had an incredibly successful holiday shopping period so far- you guys are killing it! We are so excited for you to get your new products and we want to thank you for your patience while waiting for your orders! Our warehouse is working as hard as they can to get orders out as quickly as possible! They will be worth the wait!

Last but certainly not least, head over to the Honor Roll page to check out our Artist Spotlight for the month!