10/4/18 Newsletter




Cara had so much fun with those of you that watched and commented on this week’s webinar! If you didn’t get a chance to watch the webbie yet, you can replay it here and comment on the Maskcara Facebook Page with your answers. This is such a fun way to get to know your team members or use for ice breakers at your next party! Here’s a few of Cara’s questions to get you started off: What was your first job? Have you met anyone famous? What skill or special talent do you wish you had? Who is someone you really admire? What was your favorite band 10 years ago? Any good movies lately that you’d recommend?

Share your ideas and ice breakers with us on Facebook so we can play along and get to know you better!

Honeymoon Results

We will be announcing the ladies that qualified for the Honeymoon Rewards Trip on Friday on the Maskcara Facebook Page and HQ so be sure to check back the final results and see if you will be joining us to Cancun!

The Classroom Collection

Whether you are headed back to school yourself, driving that carpool, or simply a lover of all things fall, we’ve got you covered with this package filled with some of our newest favorites:

Linen Highlight- The perfect brightener, guaranteed to add at least 2 hours of sleep to your face.

Cola Contour- This deep and versatile color doubles up as a perfect eyeliner and brow enhancer.

Bare Lip + Cheek– Soft and natural, Bare is your go-to every day shade for fall!

Scarlet Lip + Cheek– Spice up your night out with bold and romantic red lips!

Plum Lip + Cheek – Soft purple tones give this shade an understated elegance on every skin tone.

Dream Illuminator- A pearly pink and shimmery cream to add a touch of radiance to your daydreams.

Iridescent Marble HAC Stack- One of our favorite newly released compact designs, this luminescent take on our classic holds all 8 of your new tins in serious style.

30 Second HAC Brush:  We don’t want you to miss one second of the season, and this brush is designed for flawless makeup application in a flash!

SPF Stay Spray – Your makeup isn’t going anywhere, so go ahead and enjoy a break in the last of the year’s warm sunshine, because our special SPF 30 formula has you covered.

Customized Highlight and Contour Options- Bring it all together by selecting one of our coordinating combinations of highlight and contour to best spotlight your complexion

*This collection is carefully curated and ready to ship- no color substitutions are available

Retail Value: $196

Classroom Collection Price: $150

The Classroom Collection is one more reason to fall in love with the season!

Don’t wait for cold weather- this deal is available for a limited time.

Eyeshadow Update

We are down to the last four $8 eyeshadow colors: London, Bubba, Bird and Salem!

And we are just as excited as you are to release the new shadows, we are just a couple months away!