10/25/18 Newsletter

Making an Impact + Reaching your Goals

Change is inevitable! Just think of where you were at 10 years ago compared to now. Most of us can say that a lot has changed since then. The key is taking ownership of the little things we do each day to put the momentum towards the positive change we want to see. Cara broke it down on this week’s webinar into three basic tools that will not only drive your business but will work in whatever it is you’re setting out to conquer next!


Before you let that inner voice tell you that you can’t accomplish your goals- girl, make your bed! That’s right! Make your bed every morning first thing after you wake up. By accomplishing something right off that bat, you will see the impacts it has on other small goals you set for yourself. And the more specific you are, the better the results. For example- which sounds less overwhelming? “I will straighten up my room every morning” or “I will make my bed every morning”? Small, specific, and measurable goals are the fundamentals of those big changes we’re looking for!


Never underestimate the power of peer pressure- the good kind! The more passion we pour into our businesses, the more people are going to want to know what we’re doing. Sharing personal experiences and stories with those around us creates that word of mouth buzz which may just be the selling point to a potential new team member that is still kicking the tires around. The more girlfriends, sisters, mothers, daughters, etc you have talking about your business not only helps expand your team, but motivates you to keep doing your best! So post those before and afters, use social media to share your experience, and invite an extra friend or two to your next makeover.


Ignorance is definitely not bliss! Sometimes, the missing element to getting Maskcara on a new face is education. Following up with women who might need help with color matching or application will help them realize why Maskcara is so unique and special! For the girls on your team- check in to see if they need help honing in on certain skills like hosting parties or stepping up the social media game. When you’re always in the groove of teaching others, you get to practice yourself, and everybody wins!


Crème de la Cloth

MaskSCAREa ’18

This Halloween, get a treat for your trick!

Show us how you use Maskcara makeup to take your costume to the next level and you could be the winner of a FILLED double layer Artist Pro Palette, valued at over $600!

Here’s how to enter:

-Use Maskcara makeup to create your Halloween look + list the products you used

-Tag @MaskcaraBeauty in the photo on Instagram

-Use #MaskSCAREa18 to tag your photo

The contest will end on October 31st and we will announce the winners on November 1st

Happy Halloween, Gorgeous!