1/17/19 Newsletter

Happy Birthday Artists!

Be sure to join the party today starting at 12pm MST. It will be all fun and games! Also, we have new product releases and some pretty exciting announcements! You will not want to miss this!

In with the New

In the spirit of the 2nd Artist Birthday Party, we thought it would be helpful to give you some suggestions that you may share with the ladies in your life that have been kicking the tires about becoming a Maskcara artist. Or maybe, it is some New Year’s motivation for girls on your team that need an extra push. Or possibly, you have been struggling to reach your business goals and want to set yourself up for success in 2019. In any case, here is Cara’s “10 ways losing 10 pounds taught me everything I need to know about business!”:

1. Don’t wait

We’ve all done it, “Diet starts on Monday!” The problem with this logic is that we set ourselves back a little further and develop habits that are even harder to break. If having your own business is where you see your future self, get out there, gorgeous! Your future self will thank you for starting now!

2. All the yoga pants in the world will not makeup for me not getting my butt to the gym!

Ready or not, here is some tough love- having the “right stuff” won’t get you any closer to your fitness or business goals. Instead, just get started! Once you have some momentum, you will learn first hand where investments need to be made (and you’ll have more space without that treadmill that you secretly only use to hang laundry)

3. Keep it simple

Have you ever started the new fad diet only to discover it is not sustainable, and even worse, doesn’t get you the results you want? It’s simple, eat healthy and exercise as often as you can- there is no magic potion! The beauty industry is exactly the same! You are beautiful, you have gorgeous features, let’s enhance those features! There are no tricks when you’re already beautiful.

4. Thinking about working out does not burn calories

Sometimes when life is overwhelming, it is hard to get motivation to do anything at all. Try to avoid thinking about all of the things you need to get done, and pick one concrete, simple task you can do right now to get started. Maybe you have time to give a friend a makeover, maybe it’s just responding to some emails in your inbox. Once you have that sense of accomplishment, it’s easier to carry the baton to the next task, and before you know it, that exhausted feeling at the end of the day is well earned! Don’t forget to be kind to yourself; everyone has an off day every now and again, try not to dwell in what you didn’t get done yesterday and make a promise to yourself to do your best today!

5. People may try to tear you down

It’s inevitable! No matter what goal you are chasing, there will be those who will try to tear you down. Just know it is going to happen, remember to laugh it off, and keep shining!

6. People will support you! Do the same for others!

More importantly, you will gain a support system that will help build you up! Focus your energy on those people and return that support to the people that you value.

7. Consistency is key

You’ve heard it a million times- don’t rest on your laurels (or maybe you heard ‘yanny’s’?) at any rate, they make a pretty crown but they are certainly a lousy couch. Whether it be going on a run everyday or posting content regularly, consistency is key for success!

8. Results take time

Remove expectations and take the pressure off of yourself! When you’re getting started, it may be difficult to avoid comparing yourself to others. You could be blocking yourself from utilizing something special only you bring to the table by trying to run your business like someone else. It’s never a bad idea to borrow tools or tips from those who inspire you, but you don’t need to replicate their business (or workout or diet plan!)

9. It gets easier

Each day when you show up for yourself, you are practicing! And just like anything else, the more you practice, the easier this gets. Before you know it, the things that you used to struggle with will become a piece of cake!

10. You need a goal or a challenge and to track your progress

You can dive into the archives of Cara’s webinars (search “making an impact and reaching your goals on the Maskcara Artist Page on Facebook) and find her explanation of the keys to goal setting, but here’s the meat and potatoes of it: Small, specific, and measurable goals are the fundamentals of those big changes we’re looking for!

We wish you an abundance of success in all of your New Year’s resolutions, and don’t forget to join us during the Maskcara’s 2nd Artist Birthday Party Thursday, January 17th!

Brass Tacks

Tax time is coming up! All artists who earned over $600 in 2018 will receive a 1099 tax form both through email and mail by the end of January, so keep an eye out for those to arrive shortly!

Happy Birthday, Gorgeous!